everything is shit:life,school,and now el-jay.probably even myspace.

so yes. i havent said anyhting about anything for like the past week.
so much shit has happened.
lets start with friday?
there was a party.
i got trashed and naked.
made out with cassie...hahaha
got my finger broken. in a door. and i laughed. it was good.
woke up at sam and jill's house with austin. he snores loud.
went out to eat at denny's, saw a bum picking cigarette butts out of an ashtray.
went to the mall with sam mikee and hailie.
did some other stuff i cant remember. probably got fucked up.
woke up. was bored as fuck. went online or something.
autumn came over. we were driving out of my street and a car t-boned us. was shitty. spent the rest of the day in the hospital.
got fucked up. on loritabs that autumn was perscribed.
spent the night at autumns and did funny stuff and took drugs.
woke up at autumns. her mom bought us lunch from pickle barrel. it wasn't that good.
keylan came over and we went and looked at the car and im surprised that me and autumn aren't dead or broken at least.
zach came over and we took autumn home and then went to wal mart and bought cori.
we went to seans and we got in the first insane fight that i've ever been in with a boy.
he yelled at me and i cried all the way home.

im sorry darling. im sorry that youre lost...

i tried not to let it ruin my night.
or my high.
got home and watched adult swim with zach. he rubbed my sore back.
woke up. called steve. he said he would pick me up.
then he called back and said that he was taking chris to court so he couldnt.
i drove with my mom and then she took the car back home.
went home with mikee and matt.
mikee stole robitussin and cori.
we went to my house and got fucked up.
i fell asleep and mikee and matt went home.
i woke up at three and got online.
my mom gives me the fucking car keys to drive violet around and i take her to ACE and her friends house in cape. im suprised we survived that.
went and got autumn and we sam meagan conte on our way to the mall to return some stuff.
we brought her with us. i went and saw falon at work and she plucked my eyebrows and cut my hair.
went to autumns and dropped her and meagan off.
went home and ate then fell asleep.
woke up. called steve. he came and got me this morning.
went to school. did some shit work in english.
left with mikee and matt after break. matts mom calls and hes freaking out cuz she thinks she called the school and she leaves a message that is telling him to come home.
he drops me and mikee off at mikees and thats where i am now. and matt just got back from his house and his mom wasnt even there? about to take some cori and forget about this shit thats happening...

about to go visit j.c(BFFL!)at work.

alert alert.
this is the conclusion of this post.
ive done drugs everyday this week,
im going to die.
ive withered away to nothing but a walking high.
i guess i need help.
but guess what!

(no subject)

this doesnt feel real...
i dont know what to do
how the fuck did it go from pure ecstasy to this?

falon, tell me one more time how we dont belong together,
maybe this time it'll stick.

as soon as i got home i threw up from all the fucking stress

oh and p.s.